Imago House

Imago House is home to the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing.  It takes its name from the Latin word for ‘image,’ which makes sense for a house dedicated to creative writing retreats that nurture the imagination.

The natural historian Carl Linnaeus used the word ‘imago’ to denote the final stage of an insect’s existence.  After the egg, the larval and the pupal stages, a butterfly is called the IMAGO because it is the IMAGE of that towards which the species aspires. The word ‘imago’ can be used of any animal that undergoes metamorphosis.

Like you!

As you write about an experience, you change. Observation, memory, thought, emotion, the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious — in the cauldron of your imagination, these elements combine to create something new. You’re in a different state of awareness than before you wrote. You’re one notch closer to becoming who you aspire to be, as a writer and as a person.

Your readers metamorphose with you, since anyone who reads your story, poem, essay or book shares your process of transformation. As individuals change, the culture changes. Society moves closer to its imago state, which is why writers play such an important role in our world as it struggles to evolve.

Surrounded by Nature’s enduring beauty and wisdom, Imago House offers itself as a place where you can respond wholeheartedly to your passionate desire to write.

Butterfly Nebula

Since its emergence 13.7 billion years ago, the Universe has been a creative journey into ‘something more.’

Discover your imago state. Become the writer you dream you can be with an individual retreat for writers or a group writing retreat.

For more information call 1-800-510-1049 or email Elizabeth.

Directions to Imago House

Imago House Retreat for Writers

Dawn at Imago House

Imago House Retreat for Writers

Writing exercises on the sun porch — like calisthenics, but quieter.

Birds at the writing workshop

Osprey flying in for the next writing workshop!

Writer's retreat...beginning or end?

Is your writer’s retreat beginning or ending?